Friday, May 14, 2010

So Much New Stuff!

Sorry for the late updates of this lovely thing we call The Zombie Liquorice Blog... If you havent already heard we just released 3 new shirts which feature the awesome talents of Godmachine, Josh Belanger and Aaron Kerr. Everyone of these guys is extremely talented in their own specific styles. We did a little bit of everything on this release. You have a Danzig inspired Medusa Skull, an Alien conqueror, and a Gut Eater remix or version 2.0 as it happens to be.

There is also a wicked new Bundle that has just been added called "I Like It Black". Strictly for those who enjoy Metal. This is nothing but the best of our Black & Whites. Features Arachnophobia and The Medusa Skull for only $35! So if you like Metal, Click here and Buy it NOW!

So thats the update!

Hope you enjoy the new gruesomeness!

Jason & Jeff


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