Friday, April 8, 2011

Did someone call a doctor?

Experiment didn't go quite according to plan. Acids have eroded all flesh leaving behind a sticky, slimy substance. However, major organs still vaguely function, which is interesting; eyes focus on me constantly while the mouth remains fixed in a scream-like state.
I have achieved life and death simultaneously...and I hold it within my hands now. Glorious.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Stuff!

We have just received some huge die cut stickers that average 4 to 5 inches. We were so happy with how well they turned out that we will be giving them away with any order that is placed this weekend! The offer ends Monday April 4th 2011.

The stickers artwork has been pulled from several vintage designs as far back as 2008! These are all classic Zombie Liquorice stickers, just have a look at the picture below.

Click here to buy now.

Thanks again for all the support!

Jason & Jeff