Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Horde has SPOKEN!

And your going to have colour scheme #7 as your Halloween Hoodie! Its going to be amazing and we cant wait to rock it! Thanks again for all the votes!

Soo pick which colour scheme you like the best. Also note that the background colour is the colour that the final hoodie will be.

Happy Voting.

Jason & Jeff


K Sharpe said...

I'm glad the majority of the fans here chose 7 along with me. I'm telling you right now... when these hoodies come out, you can bet your sweet ass I'm getting one!

Jason and Jeff are zombie liquorice said...

Hey I love it! I am really looking forward to this one. Though truth be told I was really looking forward to rocking an army green hoodie ;)

pethco said...

I really like this design!! who's the artist??